A Man’s Cocktail Ring

Before summer started in full swing – warm days that called me out to enjoy life beyond the walls  of the studio - there was a project for my father that I wanted to finish: a ring distinctly Alex. It was important to me to share my enthusiasm for the bench work I’d found so fulfilling. Importantly too, was the need to make something Dad would wear, not just thank me for. What was really interesting was what we ended up designing together. 

After discussion regarding the challenges faced with having fingers that were a bit distorted from age and a certain medical condition I can't pronounce, we turned from the practical considerations to the aesthetic. He wanted a big amethyst cabochon, like a man’s cocktail ring. Something that got your attention, so balancing a large stone for a man’s ring presented some interesting challenges. The end result I think was very nice, and certainly made the old man happy.

Back after popular demand...

It’s been a few months since I’ve written an entry, not that I think anyone is actually reading this…is anyone actually reading this? Anyway, it’s true.  Long time-y no write-y.  Been busy.  No really, I’ve been busy.  I’ve renovated my kitchen in our home in Roslindale MA, did beaucoup landscaping projects and really enjoyed the summer.  During that time, I stepped away from the bench for a few weeks, to allow myself a breather.  Refreshed myself and my love of the work by not taking part in it.  Kind of a reverse delayed gratification.

In truth, I’d not stopped working at jewelry design, just not at the bench.  I worked on sketches of new designs, played with ideas, read about technique…took time for other things that feed me just as much as putting my hands to metal.  Since returning to my chair at the bench, I’ve produced a number of items that I’ll share in the next few posts.