I'm an ex-hairFarmer

So it’s been a few weeks since I wrote my first blog post of my life.  What the hell do you say after something like that?  Maybe tell you, “your second blog post” isn’t my first thought?  My mind goes to the symbolism of it all, like the pressure a new band experiences while recording -“the second post” has a lot to live up to. 


I’m a bit shook up, in a good way.  The past 2 months have been a whirlwind of task lists and ego checks, the learning of new skills (taking passably good photos), creating a web presence is a lot of work.  I’m relieved.  I hope you will enjoy this with me.

I needed a nudge, however.  That nudge was an old friend reaching out on Facebook to request a pair of single drop earrings.  Suddenly, I’m faced with doing myself a solid and coming through on a promise I made myself; risk failure always.  Take the next steps, open cathartic.net again after many years…lose my fear of being perfect.  Instead, strive for it- never expecting to achieve it.  I guess that’s Zen.  I finally think I truly understand that notion.  Beyond the impression of a blissed out hippie, the acceptance of, and moreover the understanding, that you’re not alone at the bench.  You have your judges there. Fear too is along for the ride.  I roll up to the bench and say”so what?”  - finally I can say so what.

The space between being able to execute a design and being satisfied in the mastery of skills it takes to achieve expectations.  Choosing to feel “being a beginner”.  Vulnerability as a means of creating the space to break out from the mediocre.

Yeah. ..ask me about this in 5 years…