Step 4 - create a jig for alignment, solder and finish polish

Using the "T" jig to align the settings precisely.

To complete the construction of the tube sections onto the post, we have to first make a jig that will allow us to exactly align the tube sections in place. Start with thick copper wire and make a "T" shaped section by soldering a small piece to a larger piece in perpendicular fashion. The "T" shape can now be used to act as a spacer between one setting and another. Here is how this goes:


Soldering the settings.

First, determine where the first tube section will be soldered on the post. I use the joint of the post and ear wire as a marker and measure about 3mm from that point. Solder with medium solder the first tube aligning the edge with that mark. Repeat with the other post. Then, use the "T" jig to space out the next tube section by placing the small section of the "T" between the first solder tube and the next one to be soldered. In this case, I like to use paste flux; one of the advantages of paste flux is that when you heat it, it bubbles up and acts like a glue once all the water has evaporated.  

Once all the soldering has been completed, quench, pickle and polish the constructions being careful not to distort the constructions when polishing.