Step 2 - Triple Drops...all the basic fitting of joints before soldering

Refining the fit with needle file - nice and tight

On to the next steps which is all about fitting the pieces together in prep for soldering.  Start with refining the fit of the post intersection with the tube segment that will eventually be the bezel setting.  I find this to be a stronger joint than just a butt joint, plus the additional benefit that the post is aligned perfectly through the center (the template used in step 1 assures the correct bisect angle).  Fit all tube settings before moving on.

I Next turn my attention to refining the tube setting surface.  Use a flex shaft mandrel for a support and mount the tube segment between the screw and main shoulder.  Much easier to hold on to these small pieces.  Use a pin vice to hold the mandrel.  Again, do all tube pieces before moving on to the next task.


20 gauge wire inserted into the post 

Turning attention back to the posts, it's time to focus on the join between the ear wire and the post.  Again, a butt joint isn't ideal here.  To make the solder joint stronger, pre-drill the post being careful to target the center of the posts edge.  I use a GRS to aid in holding the post so that I can drill without slipping.  I drill about 1-2mm in or so into the post-just enough to give the 20 gauge wire that will become the ear wire some purchase.

That's about all for this step....  Next will be soldering.